What should I wear?

If you’re coming for a trail ride or horse lesson, we highly recommend wearing pants or jeans. Boots or closed toed shoes are required for all activities. On sunny days you might want to wear sunscreen or a lightweight long sleeve shirt. If you wear a hat, please make sure it fits tight enough not to be blown off by wind.

I have never ridden a horse before. Is that okay?

We can accommodate riders of all skill levels. If you have booked a trail ride and this is your first time on a horse, or if you have very limited riding experience, we will provide you a 10-15 minute mini-lesson before your ride to ensure you’re comfortable and equipped you with the basics. Horseback riding is a beautiful experience, and all our horses are well-mannered and well-trained. However, if you have any fears or anxiety about riding, we suggest you book a horsemanship lesson before hitting the trail.

What is your cancellation policy?

We require a $75 nonrefundable deposit to hold you reservation. The remainder of payment is due the day of your ride, prior to your arrival. For cancelations due to extreme weather (excessive heat, rain, high winds, etc.) we will reschedule your ride, or provide a full refund. 

Are horses okay with being ridden?

At High Horse, our horses’ well-being is our first priority! Our horses rarely if ever go out on trail more than once a day to ensure they are never over-worked, and are always excited to take you on your adventure. Our horses benefit from trail rides, lessons, and equine therapy in the form of physical exercise, mental stimulation, and human companionship. They have a very full and very happy life here in Malibu!