Horsemanship Lessons

At High Horse Malibu we offer a novel and holistic approach to horse riding lessons that transcend the boundaries of specific disciplines. Our lessons utilize an approach that teaches how to interact with horses using their language, rather than our own. It is an approach based on trust, respect, and communication rather than fear, intimidation, and mechanical devices. The bond between horse and rider is unique, and these lessons help explore the possibilities of this relationship. Our custom curated program at High Horse aims to provide the solid foundation necessary to be a confident horseperson and rider.


A few basics you can expect to learn are:

• Understanding horse behavior and horse psychology
• Establishing trust between horse and human
• Communicating with horses through body language
• Grooming and tacking a horse
• Walk, trot, canter
• Neck reining & leg cues
• More as the rider advances....

As you progress through your lessons, you will have opportunities to work with and ride a variety of horses, in different environments, in various styles of tack. Whether your ultimate objective is becoming a competitive rider, or just to be able to hit the trails anywhere in the world and have a blast– our horsemanship lessons are here to assist you on your path.

Private lessons are $100 per hour.
Package of 4 (1) hour lessons: $375

Booking and Inquiries
Please call: 424-346-4590 for scheduling availability, or email