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Latigo Canyon, Malibu California

High Horse Malibu is situated in a peaceful valley near the crest of Latigo Canyon

Our trails traverse rolling hills, wooded canyons, and striking rock formations, with sweeping ocean vistas around every corner. We’re fifteen minutes from anything and a million miles from everything. Come and see for yourself.

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Getting Here

Important: It is very difficult to get a ride share service (Uber, Lyft, etc.) to pick up from our location. Cell service is limited at the ranch. You will not be able to schedule pick up once you are here. Please plan accordingly. 

Please give yourself extra of time to get here. Latigo is an incredibly scenic, but slow and winding road. We allow a fifteen minute grace period for being late. After fifteen minutes the time will be deducted from the ride. After 30 minutes the ride will be canceled, as this will not allow enough time in between rides for the horses to rest and eat. It is especially important to be on time if you’ve booked a sunset ride, as we must be back at the ranch before it gets dark out. Please call and let us know if you are running late and we will do our very best to accommodate you.

We are located at: 2142 Latigo Canyon Rd. Malibu, CA 90265 


*** We are located near the crest of Latigo Canyon. GPS doesn't always give correct directions, so please use your odometer once you turn onto Latigo Canyon Rd.: 

From Kanan Dume Rd., we are approximately 3.8 miles down Latigo on the left hand side. 

From Pacific Coast Highway, we are approximately 6.3 miles up Latigo on the right hand side. 

You will see three black mailboxes on the canyon drop-off side of Latigo. Directly across from these mailboxes is a small paved road marked 2148 lined with cacti. Turn up this road, and turn onto the second unpaved road on the left. There will be a black iron gate with a High Horse Malibu sign on it. Please park near the end of the drive, where the paved road meets the unpaved road. Your trail guide will come to open the gate at your scheduled ride time. 

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