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Lessons at High Horse Malibu

It is often said of horsemanship, you’re not working on your horse, you’re working on yourself. Horsemanship is the art of mastering our own movements, thoughts, emotions and behaviors to gain the respect and cooperation of our horse. When the horse and rider become as one, the true art of horsemanship can begin. Whether you have never ridden, or have years of lessons under your belt, our program gives you the tools, knowledge and abilities to be a confident, capable horse person and rider.

  • In the mind...

    • Understanding horse behaviour and horse psychology

    • Establishing trust between horse and human

  • On the ground...

    • Communicating with horses through body language

    • Grooming and tacking and bathing horse

    • Ground work on a lead line and at liberty

  • In the saddle

    • Walk, trot, canter/lope

    • Neck reining & leg cues

    • The learning is endless as the rider advances...

Lesson Prices

Private Lessons are $100 hourly
Book 4 at once for $375

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Your instructor

Brian Terkleson is the head trainer and owner of High Horse Malibu. Brian’s spent his life with horses, and has been riding since before he could walk. As a kid he worked summers on his uncle - NCHA Hall of Famer and cutting horse pioneer - Ben Emisons’ ranch. Before long he was living on the ranch full time, working with horses every day before and after school and competing in Western shows all over the country on the weekends. When the ranch moved to Weatherford Texas, Brian had opportunities to work with and train horses for some of the legends of Western showing and riding. Although Brian had the privilege of learning from the best of the best, he’s come to believe that the most important teacher is the horse you’re working with at any given moment. With over 30 years of professional horse experience, his understanding of horses and horse behavior put him on par with some of the best horsemen in the world. 

  • Horsemanship lessons, horse riding lessons, western riding lessons
  • Riding lessons, western riding lessons, horsemanship lessons, horseback riding lessons
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