Private Trail Rides

Latigo Canyon Ride

Our signature ride! Located in the most scenic and secluded area of Malibu, this ride takes you deep into the heart of the Santa Monica Mountains. To the west you’ll overlook the Pacific Ocean, and to the east the rolling hills and cresting peaks of the mountain range. Each season offers a changing landscape - in springtime you’ll be up to your knees in California poppies and wildflowers, summer and fall are full of golden hues and sunshine, and winters will transport you to a jewel green paradise. Sunset rides available daily! This is truly an unforgettable, one of a kind ride.


Private trail rides are $175 per person

• 2 people max for beginners, 3 people max for advanced riders 

Advanced riders: 1.5 hour trail ride 

Beginner/Novice riders: 15 minute basic lesson, 75 minute trail ride 

Weight limit < 200lbs 

Private Trail Rides

Booking and Inquiries 

Please call: 424-346-4590 or email to schedule a ride. We respond ASAP!